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Heating Solution Fry Pan 28 cm (Korean Made)- Hard Anodised, Induction Bottom)

From Brand By Chefline Corp. Korea

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SPECIFICATION: Body – Aluminum Die-casting In Coating – Discoloration Pad Coating Out Coating – Ceramic Coating Handle – Bakelite DESCRIPTION: Our non-stick frypan offers versatility, durability and optimum cooking performance to fuel your kitchen for years to come. This frypan is scratch resistant, heats quickly and evenly. This frypan is capable of gas, induction cooking and can be used for all electric heating appliances. Ideal for use over low or medium heat. This frypan can be used for roasting, sautéing healthy dishes. The temperature sensor is coated throughout the frypan making it ideal for cooking. Manufactured by introducing a concave technique making the bottom uniformly thick. The frypan has an ergonomic handle design for users, for convenience and better grip. Discoloration applied, with the color changing at the proper cooking temperature making it easy for anyone to cook. Sandblasting done to make sure that the coating is well attached. SPECIALITY CARE: Allow kitchenware to cool before cleaning. Hand washing in warm, soapy water will give best results. Avoid using harsh cleaners or metal scouring pads while cleaning. Dry kitchenware thoroughly before storing. Avoid using metal spatula while cooking. Wooden spatula favored.

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Dimensions 43 × 25 × 8.5 cm
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